Hardcore #42 – Season 5 – Escape from Tarkov

Rules: https://i.imgur.com/mqs7Qdp.png

ES_Can’t Get Over – Ballpoint
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33 thoughts on “Hardcore #42 – Season 5 – Escape from Tarkov”

  1. This is the second time it's been brought up, the key uses idea he has wouldn't work

    The people who have every key will buy every key regardless of what they cost, this just makes it more expensive to run keys, they might leave behind some lower value keys because they aren't wouldn't make the money back, but the key will never be more expensive then what people think the room is worth times the number of uses

    If pest really wants an idea to fix "you don't have to be the first to the room to unlock it" just put a limit on the number of keys you can hold at a time. Making keys more valuable (by reducing their uses) doesn't make it more likely that people won't have the key, just that people who have less money to buy keys (so basically anybody pre-bitcoin farm) not have the key.

    EDIT: and the moment i unpause the video somebody mentions this and he blows it off :/

  2. the thing with the keys, i agree. i got a marked room key day 1 of the wipe and i have found like 10 al ready. but i still have 15 uses out of the 1st one. this only fucks the sweaty mega chads and level 50 hatchlings running to the loots.

  3. when pestily is all excited about the space in his stash, it brings my mind to the movie stepbrothers, when they build bunk beds, so they can have so much space for activities 😀 😀 😀

  4. I agree with higher tier keys/cards to have durability. Also why are your lab raids like offline raids… all 4 of my labs raids I encounter T-1000s Raiders and players that were trained like the assassins in Wanted.

  5. I would like to address the key issue, I think it was a good suggestion to limit the amount of keys you bring in, that would increase the likelihood that some rooms you want to loot haven't been unlocked. For starters, it would make people be more selective in their keys, and some keys would drop in value as less people would be running those keys. However, from the standpoint of a game dynamic it would make it where you have to choose what you go into a raid for, give up a valuable key for a quest key to run quests..and for squading, you could have individuals bring select keys so everyone has a role. Means you'd either see squads sharing loot but as well as more door campers waiting for unlocks of key rooms but it'd make for slower game play either way cause not everyone will have the same keys. Meaning you could be last to resort, but let's say some people don't hold some keys as high priority so they don't bring them, but you do so those rooms are still unlooted. Honestly, me myself as a casual player, I wouldn't be opposed to a key limit cause with squads, you'd still get a majority of the items, but it means if you lose a squad member it's lost loot so you'd still play safer..

  6. i have 400 hours this season and have yet to use all of my first factory key, still has 20 uses lol… 50 should be more then fair, 25 even for all rares. noone should be able to have unlimited access to ultra med etc…


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