Hardstuck In Valorant? Try This

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25 thoughts on “Hardstuck In Valorant? Try This”

  1. Well I have been losing games these days because of glitch :(, My chat keeps getting disabled even tho my wifi is good, aswell my vc I cant chat or either see chat same thing with vc I cant vc or either hear

  2. Tip: (I got this from tenz )
    Instead of grinding for hours and hours you can grind more smartly by playing until you lose. If you lose your first game though then you can play one more then see how you go 😛

  3. Ummmm….it took me over a year to get out of iron. I guess I just suck. Now I’m in silver but the thing with silver is that it is the rank with the most toxic players and throwers.

  4. As a csgo player, I agree with the rest is best. Everytime you play and lose, you always get stressed and you get more stress every lose. Taking a break resets your mind. Also there are no consistent players in the world, may it be our G.O.A.T S1mple, he is still an inconsitent player. Also please don't look at the ground like you have a broken back, look up at head level and stay there, if you are having a hard time at that. Try playing practice maps and try getting headshots, I reccomend doing this for about 3-5 min every time you log in.

    Edit: Also I forgot one thing. Try getting high adrenline in some way or form since it can make you more attentive. We call the flow, it happens to everyone…. rarely.

  5. hi lowlander, i really like your videos and sometimes they even help me with playing valorant, thanks for that! i also have 1 tiny question: can you make a video to help new players to get good at valorant? (pls help me im so bad lol)


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