Have Your Apex Legends Lobbies Been Very Difficult Recently?

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Have you noticed a change recently in the difficulty of your apex legends lobbies in season 10? Feel like the skill based matchmaking is ramped up to the maximum and you can’t seem to win a gunfight anymore? If so then I would love to hear about it from you in the comments because this video is all about how hard apex legends lobbies have been for me recently.

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26 thoughts on “Have Your Apex Legends Lobbies Been Very Difficult Recently?”

  1. So, I have had a mixed experience. Out of 9 games, 6 wins, 1 mid lobby loss, 2 late game, 2nd place losses. 2 very easy games, 5 veeeeery intense games & 2 medium pace, decent competition games. Maybe I'm improving a bit & having decent fortune with my match-ups but it seems like it could be seen as sweaty but I won 4 out of 5 of those very intense games. The others were 1 v 3 losses & 3rd party & late rotation which led to bad positioning.

  2. I don’t mind sweaty lobbies but as a solo player it sucks having to fight against 3 stacks all day while my teammates are just looting and dying 😠

  3. They need 3 stacks que up against other 3 stacks
    Solo que when you’re with randoms meanwhile going against 3 stacks plus 50k kills gibby caustic octane as if they getting rp
    Definitely still want solo mode idc if they think it’s a team game and some legends will be useless easy solution don’t pick them
    But hey $10 holosprays

  4. I can take down a master/a 20 bomb 4k sweat but not a full master 3 stack and or full 20 bomb 4k sweaty 3 stack.. not with lvl 60 teammates or teammates that leave as soon as they get knocked even though we’re winning the fight.. this has been exceptionally more common as of about a week ago. i agree, it’s horrible

  5. I think its because lately apex servers have been really bad freezing peoples games so they need to load back in screwing up everyone games. So all the people who usually play ranked who play more sweaty are playing pubs instead

  6. SBMM is for the longevity of the game. Your literal name is sweatband, you were playing just as sweaty as them. Most of the people who complain about this want to be in bot lobbys and dance around the noobs. It's not fun on the other end when you have players of your caliber in their lobbies. They need to play against players their own skill level and slowly get better.

  7. Bro honestly the solo game you played you destroyed the whole damn lobby and lost to a duo who had also survived the whole game. And without 3rd parties to help you draw attention it makes it difficult. For me that's a win solo no fill experience. I call it sweaty when every single team in my pub lobby has a specialized dive trail except for myself and my team. Maybe it's just the game getting to you. To me it's when I can't get a gun off drop even if I don't hot drop cause someone lands on top of me cause kings canyon is just too closely built with POIs

  8. So I'm not crazy, it DID get harder! I thought I just became a bot all of a sudden but lately every single match is just difficult difficult lemon difficult. On top of that, I had days lately where none of my randoms, over the span of a few hours, were above level 100. And no, they were not smurfing… So that definitely doesn't help. But when I play with my duo or other friends it just gets even harder. You literally can't win (figuratively, you obviously can still win in the game). I love Apex but I'm not vibing with the way this is going, I really don't want to sweat super hard every match, especially not in pubs. It's frustrating. My K/DR slowly keeps dropping from what it was at the beginning of this season and while I know it doesn't mean much, it definitely sucks to see.

  9. My lobbies have been only sweats I died to an octane with 70k 5k wraith and a 50k path and then they died to a blood with 60k a lifeline with 40k and a wraith with 50k


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