Heirloom Attachments, Recolors, and Level Cap Increase!!! Apex Legends Season 11

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Heirloom Attachments, Recolors, and Level Cap Increase!!! Apex Legends Season 11



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32 thoughts on “Heirloom Attachments, Recolors, and Level Cap Increase!!! Apex Legends Season 11”

  1. and to also add to the heirloom recolors tbh if this were to come out instead of it being in a shop why not have it count as kills like 5 kills with a "insert heirloom here" and say you get like a red color and the more knocks or kills you get with it the more colors you can unlock for it

  2. I was fortunate to get 2 heirlooms before level 450. If they make these changes, I hope they make it easier for people to get shards. I feel bad for my friends that have been level 500 for like 4 seasons and I only play when Uncle Sam gives me a chance πŸ˜‚

  3. I want it all! heirloom skins/shop, lvl cap, prestige/lvl 500 shop they all sound amazing. also heirlooms should have their own unique finishers in their packs and the perk system from mobile should also be added. It sounds greedy lol but it would still be amazing to have!

  4. A level cap would be appreciated I’ve been at level 500 since like season 4. That and a crypto heirloom like why is wattson and crypto season 2 and 3 legends behind rev and rampart!?

  5. I was a level 500 for a long time on my ps4 but since i switched to pc I’m only jut about 100 again hard to always play solo dont have friends to grind with etc But a level cap increase would be awesome something to grind towards at least

  6. I agree with you on this topic, trying to drop all these major system changes at once will be a nightmare if it isn't tested right. The needs to be a good CD/CI balance so improvements, content and fixes are being done in a more timely manner. It is huge changes all at once that have a lot more potential to break the system.

  7. All these people asking for easier ways to get an heirloom, bro THEYRE THE RAREST ITEM IN THE GAME OF COURSE THERES GONNA BE A CATCH, if you dont wanna earn it, buy it, if not, vice versa, stop bitching and asking as if they arent a money grubbing company, you'll keep being disappointed

  8. The level cap is long overdue. I'm probably close to 1000 right now. As for a prestige shop, it's a must. Both will keep players engaged and excited to level up. They are going to make money either way, but earning rewards will keep more players active.

  9. They should make it where you get a heirloom once you reach lvl 1000 or reach at least diamond or masters. You get so little for putting hours into the game and give people motivation to play ranked instead of getting the same badges, trails and weapon charms every season

  10. Some recolors would be nice but you have certain challenges like get 300 kills to unlock purple variant such on, and I grind to bp for fun so a increase lvl would be delightful and yes having all that stuff would be cool be me I’m looking for new game modes like little mini games in firing range or a 1v1 boxing match for crafting metals or apex coins daily assignments that give like 25-100 being random it’s cool with skins stuff but giving ppl to grind for just not lvl keeps ppl into games you know

  11. I just got level 500 about a month ago and just got my heirloom pack today! Still trying to decide which to get, either BH or Bang. Would love to see prestige on heirlooms based on wins with the legend


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