Here We Go Again… Dying Light 2 Loses A Huge Dev Once More & Development Hell Allegations

The upcoming anticipated Open-World Zombie Game ‘Dying Light 2’ has lost a massive developer once again this 2021, which might prove the game was/is still? in development hell. We also know there are news coming for the game in 2021!
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39 thoughts on “Here We Go Again… Dying Light 2 Loses A Huge Dev Once More & Development Hell Allegations”

  1. are make already very good work….. after all we all have see how cyperpunk is full glitches and bugs and fps drop i mean mate come on but this is my first impression about the game (not gameplay ) anyeay sorry for my bad English

  2. It is so sad what is going on with the Zombie Open World MMO typ of games… Dying Light is probably the best non-indie zombie game out there, even today..

    i can imagine that dying light 2 feels outdated in 2021 or even later.. when i watch these trailers, it just looks like a polished dying light.. Imagine this game will come out in 2022 and just looks like an small update to dying light 1..

  3. "failure of a launch" i didn't have issues from what i heard only consoles had the issues and honestly idc cant hold back a game because these underrated consoles they release for a consumer market
    its a joke the ruined many games because they want to milk consoles. this gen ps5 and xsx is probably the first decent system they dropped.

  4. Besides last of us 2 and red 2 we had nothing for the past 3 years man… now 2021 is dead a….money people have to put but people with the good brain are hard to find…

  5. This sounds terrible.. This is not what I wanted to hear about Dying Light 2.

    Last i heard the game was going to he released early 2021. I just went and replayed Dying Light The Following. I'll probably start playing it on the PS5 now.
    There's a few games I really could've used over this last year. 🤞🏻 Things come together proper.

  6. When a game gets repeatedly delayed and several leads leave. It’s not a situation of a “delayed game is eventually good”. It’s a situation of the game not getting done. In other words, it’s gone. Too many delays is death. Not once has there ever been an exception. CP2077, Dukenukem, AliensCM, etc…

  7. If they released it now, it would become cyberpunk.

    From what I hear, it can run on next gen level consoles or high end pcs

    But not on last gen consoles or equivalent pcs

    So that’s why they delayed it

    I think

  8. Can I just have one game I’m excited for not end up in a crunch riddled development hell!? I wasn’t too distraught when cyberpunk didn’t turn out well because I wasn’t particularly attached to it but I love Dying Light 1 and Fallout: New Vegas is my favourite game of all time so when the lead writer of New Vegas leaves Dying Light 2’s already terrible development it really hits me in the feels 😣


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