High Elimination Solo vs Squads Gameplay Full Game Win (Fortnite PC Controller)

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29 thoughts on “High Elimination Solo vs Squads Gameplay Full Game Win (Fortnite PC Controller)”

  1. Play Arena. Those enemy’s are a joke bro.
    Even in solo vs squads you don’t need any skill to hit the epic win.
    I bet Everyone in the comments could to that.
    And show us some content from FNCS pls. That’s the real sh*t.
    No one of the pros in EU play solo Squads even not for a warmup before cash cup or something. I think you US Guys can learn si much from EU competitive players like me.

  2. absolutely love you're content man!..you do you bro & just remember with every hater that try's to shit on you only means you're doing something right!..haters=fame..without haters you're unnoticed!..must be grinding to get all these pros hating on you!..🐐🐐🐐


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