HITMAN 3 | Berlin | How The Turntables | Assassination Challenge | Walkthrough

In this HITMAN 3 walkthrough we’ll be covering the How The Turntables Challenge for Berlin, Germany.

Mission Name:
Apex Predator

Agent Price
Agent Rhodes (The Veteran)
Agent Swan (The Swan Song)
Agent Banner (The Wall)
Agent Tremain (The Sniper)
Agent Green (The Scout)
Agent Thames (The Professional)
Agent Chamberlin (The Joker)
Agent Montgomery (The Leader)
Agent Lowenthal (The Englishman)
Agent Davenport (The Rookie)

HITMAN 3 – Berlin Challenges Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdeeW1xZ0DlMlP80lTUPFyApg4oPZo3xY

HITMAN 3 – Silent Assassin Suit Only Full Playlist:

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20 thoughts on “HITMAN 3 | Berlin | How The Turntables | Assassination Challenge | Walkthrough”

  1. Hi Freeze, thank you for helping me through the challenges from Hitman 1, 2 and now finally 3. When I need help or get stuck I can always rely on your helpful video walkthroughs. Very much appreciated!

  2. Love how all the targets in this trilogy are connected one way or the other, the Washington twins dad is the one who puts the ICA onto you in this mission for killing his daughters in hitman 2. The Argentina map in this game a lot of conversations are had about multiple targets you’ve killed in the game


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