HITMAN 3 | Berlin | T47 Silent Assassin | Challenge | Walkthrough

In this HITMAN 3 walkthrough we’ll be covering the T47 Challenge for Berlin, Germany. As a bonus we’ll be completing it with a Silent Assassin rating.

This challenge involves taking out 5 targets with a shotgun only whilst disguised as a biker and take the motorcycle exit.

Mission Name:
Apex Predator

Agent Price
Agent Rhodes (The Veteran)
Agent Swan (The Swan Song)
Agent Banner (The Wall)
Agent Tremain (The Sniper)
Agent Green (The Scout)
Agent Thames (The Professional)
Agent Chamberlin (The Joker)
Agent Montgomery (The Leader)
Agent Lowenthal (The Englishman)
Agent Davenport (The Rookie)

HITMAN 3 – Berlin Challenges Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdeeW1xZ0DlMlP80lTUPFyApg4oPZo3xY

HITMAN 3 – Silent Assassin Suit Only Full Playlist:

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48 thoughts on “HITMAN 3 | Berlin | T47 Silent Assassin | Challenge | Walkthrough”

  1. The guard that follows Montgomery DOES come into the office where the shootout happens VERY QUICKLY after it ends, so it’s a good idea to knock him out or leave a few guns on the floor at the front door

  2. He spent at least 3 hours with 2 restarted live streams and gets maybe a few pounds out of it. If that isn't dedication to content deserving a like, then I don't know what is.

  3. Hi mrfreeze, I want to ask you something. In isle of sgail, I just found out that if you go to the constant's tower dressed as janus, you can sit in one of the chairs in his office. And if Sophia sees you, she talks to 47. Did you know about this?

  4. Great Work, I always appreciate the help that you give me for every vid can’t wait to get Hitman 3 because your tricks will come in handy especially during Hitman 2016 Colorado was very hard and you have helped me to get past it

  5. Not working for me. Tried it exactly. Seen people do it starting as a biker getting the key, using a shotgun on 5 targets in the map as well. Also tried that and just isn’t working for me at all. Tried both ways a few times each and still the challenge isn’t completing for me

  6. I hate that 47 practically makes out with the person he's pulling a corner subdue on without penalty but when you get the punch glitch he gets seen for a tenth of a second and suddenly that person has a photographic memory


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