HITMAN 3 – HDR Settings | Samsung Q90T Next Gen Game Review

How does Hitman 3 perform on the Series X and the Samsung Q90T? Lets find out! This is direct footage filming the TV screen.

For HDR settings, you definitely want to make sure you can’t see the box anymore, apologies for not being able to see the box on the video due to the exposure on my camera but I think its straight forward.
(settings recommendations applies the same to PS5, Xbox One, PS4 Pro, and PC)

Sharing my settings and ill explain how you can get the best settings yourself with some minor tweaks (remember its all preference based so tweak it to your liking!).


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  1. Hi KG! I was wondering if Samsung will keep working on updates on this TV and fix so many issues like the dimming bug! LG seems to have fixed many of the problems that their 2020 series had with new updates and fixes. I have the Q95T 55 inches and I have mixed feelings about this TV although it is a significant upgrade from my 5 year old curved Led Tv! However, I expected more of a flagship TV like the Q95T. it’s not bad but also not that great! Keep on the great work!!!


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