HITMAN 3 | Mendoza | Master Sniper Assassin, Silent Assassin Suit Only | Walkthrough

In this HITMAN 3 walkthrough we’ll be covering Silent Assassin Suit Only Sniper Assassin Classic Challenges for Mendoza, Argentina on Master Difficulty.

Mission Name:
The Farewell

Don Archibald Yates
Tamara Vidal

HITMAN 3 – Mendoza Challenges Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdeeW1xZ0DlP7moCdv-wSA-2vd7KeXT7s

HITMAN 3 – Silent Assassin Suit Only Full Playlist:

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33 thoughts on “HITMAN 3 | Mendoza | Master Sniper Assassin, Silent Assassin Suit Only | Walkthrough”

  1. Hi Freeze, absolutely love your videos – been carrying me through 3 games now when I can't figure some of these out for myself. I love the idea of sniper assassin but, and this is not a criticism of you – your work is great, it is so sad that sniper assassin play throughs are so rarely… Snipery? I know it isn't your usual style, but I think it would be a cool video if you did more of like a definitive edition style video demonstrating how to do sniper assassin in like a long range down the gun sights way? Anyway, thank you for the mass amount of videos, I am sure I'll need to watch most of them eventually!

  2. Hey can you make a video on how to do that stupid escalation mission in chongqing. I can do all the other escalations except that final one where you have to do it in 5 minutes.

  3. Can you redo the definitive SA/SO for the Legacy Hitman 2016 maps, and Hitman II maps because they removed a lot of items *cough cough* Electrocution phone *cough cough*
    and changed a lot of things…

  4. 2 hardest parts of this run:
    1) Making it around that corner. I failed on that more than anything. Just couldn't do it.
    2) I could never make it up to the house in time to shoot the wife with a clean line of sight. I failed a lot with getting her after he sits. Then trying to vault up there was a pain because the vault option didn't like showing up.
    Other than those two annoying parts … Impressive Snake!

  5. First one I have had issues with, I'm not getting any awareness on the map but when I go to complete the mission it isn't passing as silent assassin even after retrying? Very odd?

  6. Providence, a multi-trillion dollar global conglomerate, with tentacles of power in every sector of the entire world, agents who have infiltrated every single government, militia, and research station, and they can't come up with a tranq gun that doesn't have bullet drop. If they wanted to, they could easily pump billions of Fed money into R&D overnight, but clearly they realize that this is single-handedly the biggest bane of every master assassin who plots to move against them. Well done, Providence.

  7. Don't really comment but I've been watching since 2017 and your videos are the best guide for any game I've ever seen! No clickbait, or any ridiculous content. You get straight to the point, give nice explanations to help and you have a cute accent that's easy to understand. Thank you so much for all the help you've done for the Hitman community

  8. Is there any other way to reach Yates? 90% of the times, i’m spotted by the 2 guards at the entrance, even if i crouch run, and then when i’m on the roof, Yates is always in front of his wife, so i can’t use the Kalmer…

  9. You know I wanna 100% these hitman games and I get so close too, but there's always that one achievement where you guys get #1 in the world for a leaderboard and I see youtubers like the and I'm like "yeah that's not happening"

  10. The coin never gets her to come over, she sends one guard or another guard or a random woman over to get the coin. Solution, I went back to where she leans over the rail next to Diana, where you subdued the first 2 guards in the flowers, distract her with the coin in there and subdue her into the flowers.


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