HITMAN 3 PSVR HANDS ON: Is It Any Good? | PlayStation VR

We’ve played Hitman 3 with PSVR, and here are our impressions on the experience in virtual reality.

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32 thoughts on “HITMAN 3 PSVR HANDS ON: Is It Any Good? | PlayStation VR”

  1. Would like to see some gameplay on base ps4 to see if the pop in is more pronounced.

    Also is there a way to map melee attacks to buttons still? Would be happy just having aiming the gun with motion controls.

    Still I'm looking forward to trying this soon, I think this is probably the best we can expect on the trusty old psvr

  2. I already don’t like you can’t use move controllers, doesn’t Hitman dual wield silenced 1911? And it would be more immersive if you could climb with both hands. We really need an updated version of the move controller with analog sticks and move that 2 main buttons. Now that i think about it I prefer just new PsVR, I don’t mind if it’s still wire but more like the Oculus where it has sensors on the actual headset that tracks the movement of the controllers
    Edit: because we all know that facing the camera for tracking is bunkers…

  3. Good game on a terrible Headset..if you dont knw much about Vr the psvr is the worst headset you can buy right knw the hardware is old its from the ps3 era, The oculus quest 2/ valve index/ Hp reverb g2 thats were its at. I was exicted that it had vr support untill i found that it was psvr only.


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