Hitman 3 PSVR Review | Beautiful & Frustrating | Includes Hitman 1 & 2

Hitman 3 closes out a much loved trilogy of hitman titles, and does so with ambition and finesse bringing not only Hitman 3 but 1 and 2 all into glorious virtual reality (providing of course you own the first 2). Live inside these games as you live out your every spy fantasy in one of the most robust virtual reality experiences ever made. Coming out exclusively for the aging but capable PSVR, stay with me while I run this game and the first 2 entries through their paces and see if io has delivered.

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My Gear:
Oculus Quest 64GB
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Sony Playstation VR
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Xbox One Wireless Controller
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Thrustmaster T300
Thrustmaster T3PA- Pro Pedal Upgrade
Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter

PC Specs
Intel i9 9900K
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2x16gb DDR 3200 Corsair RAM
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Nvidia RTX Gigabyte 3080
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Motherboard MAG Z390 TOMAHAWK
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42 thoughts on “Hitman 3 PSVR Review | Beautiful & Frustrating | Includes Hitman 1 & 2”

  1. Sony probably wont let them remove the guardian.. set that camera low to your nose and 100% play seated. Its not perfect but actually a pretty good time even with being forced to sit and using the dualshock handcuffs

  2. The Grid thing definitely annoyed me but I didn't have too much issue sitting after adjusting camera placement. But the tracking got completely messed up more then a few times, I didn't dislike gun aiming at all though. Great review man, definitely fair and I completely agree even as a die hard fan of the franchise this feels 90% done and I also would suggest waiting for patches for those who can handle waiting. I noticed one area in miami you can hide in a little elevator thing and the screen just goes black completely until you press what ever button is exit and it feels so much like they weren't ready to release this yet. Also I find it really dumb they didnt let us use PS Aim for the Sniper Challenge levels… like they don't even let you play them in vr at all (well you can in cinematic view but f that). I hope in 3 months they patch stuff and give us more options for how we want to play.

  3. I bought hitman 1 goty and hitman 2 gold from ps4 from sale few days ago.(I own them steam)

    I got hitman 2 levels imported hitman 3 no problem.

    For hitman 1 the game just suggests me to buy goty upgrade for 30€

    Do I need to first install hitman 1 to import to hitman3
    Could it be I need to install hitman 1 goty ps4 and play one mission register it with my ioi account and then it works on hitman 3 and I can uninstall again?

  4. Nice review. Agree with the controls, I though motion controls would be more limited than they were, and it's the weak link in the game. I'd love to see more control options that allow you to replace gestures with button prompts, as inferior Dualshock tracking aside, the game is designed around being able to immediately execute actions with button pressed (meaning moves are not the answer here).

    And yes that vr cage is way to aggressive.

    I'd agree that those interested only in vr should hold off for a sale, but viewed as an extra feature to an already excellent flat game, I think this is one patch away from being an absolute triumph.

  5. I am absolutely dumbfounded by the fact that almost none of the game developers are implementing the PS3 navcon controller. This would have been a perfect opportunity to use it along side a move controller. This way you would have the accuracy of the tracking ball for your gun or fist and an analog stick for movement. While I have yet to try Gollum, I have been told that it uses the navcon successfully. Everyone keeps griping at a lack of an analog stick.. When will these developers wake up?! I have a PS5 and picked up Hitman 3 yesterday & I will say that while the game is visually stunning it is crippled by the DS4 tracking. My navcon controller has been sitting in a drawer for the last few years, just waiting to be used again, let’s go IOI, show em’ how it’s done!!

  6. Psvr is beyond outdated. Still have mine. But i dont use it. Havent used it in almost 2 years. Dont want to use it. And honestly im tired of $ony and their exclusivity bs. And im not gonna support the developers who take the payout. So yeah. Hitman 3 could have been a must buy and itsa ill never buy it. Psvr needs to be put out of its frigging misery for the good of VR

  7. I just played some of this yesterday. I am absolutely loving it but I am having some huge issues with tracking making my almost wish I could turn off motion controls altogether as it is more often than not very messy for me. When its smooth its awesome. I am hoping I can manage to adjust my camera or something to make it better as I dont really see other people talking about this as such a problem.

  8. I really hope on the flat gameplay they come out with an update where Asian 47 can get into a gun fight while holding his pistol with two hands not just one

    And in the VR that they realize that the PlayStation motion controllers are vital to games like this and the update that in the future, other than that I don’t have any other problems

  9. While I have no problems with using a DS in VR games, specially for a game like this, the review around the control only remind us it’s sad Sony pretty much forgot about the Move’s Navigation controller since the beginning of the PSVR era….

    I believe there’s only a single PSVR tennis game that makes use of it.

  10. I will give the current VR a pass and wait until the day they make a matrix like VR experience. You jack into the VR and have your consciousness ported into your game avatar, now that would be the ultimate out of body experience.

  11. Thanks for another awesome and "honest" review, Chris. I can always rely on your reviews that give a fair view of the good and bad of a game. This looks really fun and immersive but I'll definitely just wait for a sale and also for the eventual patch that hopefully addresses the annoying control issues. It's a shame this doesn't have move support (being able to individually control each hand is what makes VR so immersive) and sadly this reinforces the fact that the outdated archaic move controllers desperately need thumbsticks (I get spoiled when playing my Rift and Quest that have much better controllers). Still I like the Hitman series of games and will eventually add this to my VR gaming library. It would be awesome if maybe at some point down the line the PC version got VR support so that I could play it on my Rift (that would be ideal).

  12. Sony needs better controllers for PSVR and a better headset. I really hope what they have planned for the PS5 kicks things up a notch and not just catches up to Oculus Quest / Valve Index.

  13. Nope…this wont do. Not as shown or promised. Janky spawn in fest and the controller was just a retarted choice as i have 2 perfectly usable move controllers in front of me. Thanks for nothing Sony twats.


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