HITMAN 3 RULES (PC gameplay) with Jon & Jacob!


24 thoughts on “HITMAN 3 RULES (PC gameplay) with Jon & Jacob!”

  1. Can't wait to see the rest of this so happy you got to hang with Jacob and Jon love those guys..hope your feeling up to being able to play by the weekend and your healing keeps going on the up and up!

  2. Yeah I heard that there aren't any significant changes in Hitman 3 they are saying it's just the same mechanics they have Hitman 2 all they added was one feature so I see no point in getting this game on any platform you want to play Hitman 3 play Hitman 2 it's the same scenario as the JUST CAUSE games part 3 and 4 are practically the same game

  3. I think the latest Hitman games prove that IO Interactive could make a fantastic James Bond game.
    Edit: 1:16:15 I completely forgot IO are actually making a Bond game! That's a new game I'm looking forward to!


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