How Challengers Control Mouse Movement in League of Legends!

Learn how to control your mouse like a challenger!
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Guide Description: In this Skill-Capped League of Legends guide you’ll learn how to control your mouse movement like a challenger. You’ll find tips for auto spacing, camera control, aiming, mouse sensitivity, camera settings and how to train yourself to improve at league of legends. Enjoy!

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30 thoughts on “How Challengers Control Mouse Movement in League of Legends!”

  1. The morgana example was complete bs 😂
    First the morgana throws it straight into the Diana and on the next one the morgana throws it to the side all fucked 🤣

    Try to keep track of his mouse.. uhm that hand is camouflaged into the background and is pretty tiny so no I don't think most people even see it and those mouse movements are a bit exaggerated even I wasn't doing that when I started league.

  2. Why couldn't you have had the Morgana send her q at the same angle. The second example she leads the shot a lot, in the first example she doesn't at all. I'm not saying you wouldn't have dodged it, but it upset me the test overemphasised the difference between the techniques.

  3. For the first tip, the auto attack animation cancel, there's an easier and funnier way to train it. Play Draven, against bots first if your not confident enough and in normal for more challenge.

    Catching those axes require to apply this mechanic all of the times.

  4. I am from India and I play on EUW and I get a minimum of 150 to 190 ping in all of my when the other players in the server can be from EU with 60-40 ping so it doesn't even matter if I move or stay I still end up getting hit anyway.

    (people might ask why don't you play on Garena Singapore the thing is Garena is shit where I usually wait for 2 to 3 mins in the queue in EU I have to wait for 14 to 15mins in Garena to play and if some people dodge then have to wait another couple of minutes I was usually sitting around 20-25 mins in queue and that's why I switched to EU)

  5. I'm confused why you make a big deal out of mouse clicks far away from you and then show Faker clicking super far away from himself for the whole fight clip? would love to hear an explanation on that.

  6. i have only played for 6 months and all this was common sense….. ive been doing it since i started the game… lord how fucking bad are people in this game? im legit about to get out of bronze and enter silver today, then im off to gold. 6 months and neeko main only stomping these players who have been on this for years…. level 50 stomping a level 200+

  7. For the kiting part i think playing draven really helps. In order to get the axes where you want, you need to move after the auto (and before the spinning axe hits the target) otherwise there will be rng involved. Draven might not be the easiest adc but playing him forces you to build that good habit (at least it worked for me).
    If you already play adc, give it a shot!


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