How Good Is Apex Legends in 2020? | Apex Legends Review (2020)

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Apex Legends originally came out in February of 2019 and since then it has gone through multiple changes and updates. It just recently came out on Steam so I wanted to make an updated 2020 review of the game to let you all know if it was still worth playing!


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24 thoughts on “How Good Is Apex Legends in 2020? | Apex Legends Review (2020)”

  1. To be honest, it's so laggy for season 7. It keeps lagging out players. With the new map, Olympus, you gotta stick together as a team for reals this time or you're gonna be too far behind. Also, sometimes it makes it impossible to aim due to the freeze lag. I still play it though and refresh lol.

  2. Love this BR for 4 reasons that have nothing to do with the awesome gameplay.

    1) its not long. I can finish a game in 15 minutes getting near the final rounds.
    2) I can MAKE it consistently to the final rounds
    3) There's a lot of team work. People actually revive and recover you
    4) I don't feel a lot of stress or pressure I normally feel playing a battle royale because people don't camp a lot in this. They push alot.

  3. I played it on xbox one in february 2019 i stopped playing cause my console broke and one week ago i started to play it again on my new gaming pc and this is now my favourite game.

  4. I played Apex Legends in Season 1 and took a break at Season 3, 4 and 5. I went back to it with a newfound vigor in Season 6 and have loved it ever since. You do a great job explaining its inherent value and why the formula works. Crossplay, Season 7's new map, consistent new content have definitely brought this out of a mire and propelled it into stardom. Another worthy note is that despite Respawn being part of EA, they do a great job of listening to feedback from the community. Good luck with your future games.

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