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Let’s do a life update and chat about 2020, new makeup and how Shadowlands is really going, is there gonna be any raids or not haha?! This text does contain links and when affiliated/adlinks they are marked with a *

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31 thoughts on “How Is 2020 Really Going & Shadowlands-Raid-Chit-Chat | Full Face GRWM”

  1. SAME! I saw Hocus Pocus when I first moved in with my boyfriend (2 years ago)! His whole family on Halloween would sit around the tv and watch it, it's such a good movie! My family is more of the "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" Halloween type 🤣🤣
    Also, my boyfriend has gotten me ADDICTED to WoW (I'm EXTREMELY addicted to leveling alts. There are only 3 classes left that I dont have max level: warrior, monk, and shaman. Before Shadowlands launched I got 14 characters to level 120, I know, I'm crazy. I've only leveled up 3 to 60 and I DON'T think I'm going to level them all up… maybe later when I'm not worried about gearing up for Castle Nathria.😭
    I mainly play on my alliance night elf balance druid but my friends ONLY play horde so I made a blood elf fire mage to do mythic keys. HONESTLY, I'm not the biggest fan of Torghast either, but my boyfriend, who's a human blood death knight, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES torghast. Also, my hot take, I like shadowlands but to me it feels like, "World Quest: The Expansion." Just world quests and world quests and world quests- ugh, it tires me out. Not as bad as all the stuff you had to do in BFA but I like just being able to mindlessly go through and do campaign quests. 🤣

  2. Yep you're an introvert. How you react to interactions with people is what defines it. If being around alot of people drains you you're an introvert. I often say I have a social hangover if I see too much family over the weekend. If being around lots of people energizes you you are an extrovert. Doesnt define your personality. You can be outgoing and still be an introvert. its just it takes energy to be "on"

  3. I am the same too, I love being with friends but I also like being alone too. Once I spend time socializing I need a bit of time to recharge. I love your whole look here, your skin looks great with the new CT products and as usual your eyes are popping!

  4. I was a bit mehh about the Beetlejuice palettes because I couldn't decide between the two but OMG this look is one of the prettiest / my taste I've seen in a long while. <3

  5. When birthdays and holidays come along is when I miss my friends the most because we always celebrated together. My birthday is a couple days after Christmas and this year will be rough not seeing and drinking with everyone. I'll probably end up getting drunk and playing WoW instead, haha!

    I love dramatic eye make-up looks, but if I know I'm going dramatic there, I try to keep the rest of my face pretty low key. Sometimes I do get carried away though! I can't help it, I absolutely love playing with and wearing make-up. 😂

    PS: Also a Troll Mage! I've been since Vanilla. 😎 Torghast is such a time sink; if it didn't take so long I wouldn't mind it. Nerfs are coming though so we'll see what happens after that.

  6. You left the Alliance?! I hope we never meet in a battleground then 😭😂 I actually am really enjoying Torghast, if I'm with at least one friend. It's fun to see who gets the best anima powers and can pump out the most dps by the 6th floor boss. My raid team just finished clearing raid on normal tonight and downed Shriekwing on heroic. I'm really loving this expansion so far. I can't lie, I was so excited when I found out that you play WoW. I'm the only person I know on WoW that is as obsessed with beauty/makeup so I don't have many people to chat with both about. Good luck with your raid team! My Draenei and I will try not to feel too betrayed by you going Horde 😭

  7. I think people call that a "social introvert," you like people but need alone time to recharge. But do love and enjoy people time. It's 100% the way I am, so I feel like I am recharged and ready for massive friend time now!

  8. Unless the people who complain about doe-foots being unhygienic are cleaning their brushes after every single use, stop. Sit down, you’re making yourself look like a fool.

    ..Just don’t use a lip product with a doe-foot if you’re sick, and don’t share makeup. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  9. You look stunning! Beautiful look. I have both the Muerte palette and the Waiting Room palette. Love having both; love the blues in the Muerte and the greys in the Waiting Room. 🎄💙💙

  10. My favorite Charlotte Tilbury products are the matte lipsticks. “Love Liberty” and “Amazing Amal” matte lipsticks are my favorites. They’re berry pink lipsticks. 🎄💙💙

  11. When you first applied the wine color on your right eye i noticed it kind of streaked. But you got it to blend out. Sometimes mine does that and I literally CANNOT get it to blend out…any suggestions…could I be my brushes

  12. Sorry I keep commenting..i should have just waited until the end before commenting…but I must say This is my favorite look I have ever seen and that's saying something..i am obsessed over those reds

  13. So excited to see you using the Beetlejuice palettes. I missed last year’s release so it’s nice to know the colours are similar. Although my goth heart still longs for the skull packaging!

  14. You have excellent video quality. When you held each palette up to the camera, it was the best quality picture/lighting I’ve seen in awhile. The packaging is gorgeous and really well done. I don’t own any Melt products. I loved your look today. My favorite color story is the purple/green palette. I like the other color story but reds on me may be a disaster! 😄😄 I also think your lippie combo is pretty. I think all the products you used today applied very easily. I know you make your eye looks seem like you just throw them on and voila they blend themselves! 👀👀 I know it’s your experience/skill that makes it seem that way. I could never blend like that, although you’ve taught me alot watching your videos the past few years. You’ve also taught me to not only apply a colorful shadow on my lids, I wore it all day out and about (this was pre 2020) with no problem. 💚❤️💚❤️💚

  15. Look for articles about introverted extroverts and extroverted introverts. Every assessment I've taken tells me I'm an extrovert but I often feel like and present like an introvert. Knowing there's something in between has helped! ❤️

  16. I am the same way in both the way I need my time alone but I miss my friends. I miss seeing them not through a screen. I also miss going out on the town, and by that I mean a movie, dinner, and browsing stores not drinking.

    I am figuring out my makeup esthetic but I love natural foundations. I would love to try cream face products in the future.


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