HOW IT'S DONE!!! EZREAL! – Unranked to Master: EUNE Edition | League of Legends

We continue the role challenge and now we’re on ADC! I’ve always enjoyed playing Ezreal and this game kinda shows how it’s done! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Ezreal ADC Gameplay.

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HOW IT’S DONE!!! EZREAL! – Unranked to Master: EUNE Edition | League of Legends


17 thoughts on “HOW IT'S DONE!!! EZREAL! – Unranked to Master: EUNE Edition | League of Legends”

  1. Found a trailer for the Phoenix skins online, turns out making Seraphine move dynamically on her stage (tilting her body like a skier) instead of having comically static feet makes her look like an actual league of legends champion.

  2. I'll try to explain it in short why supports (mostly aggressive ones with engages) leave (winning) lane:
    Basically Game Impact as a support. In lane you get your adc ahead and maybe get a drake or two and a tower. And part of this is more influenced by mid/jungle than bot. So to make sure the lane win transfers (or to just generally influence the game as a whole), supports need to support more lanes, which requires vision, coordination and helping other lanes directly. Coordination and direct help needs roams(pressuring mid so mid, bot and jungle can do drake or mid, top and jungle can do herald or you get a tower) and vision while botlane is almost exclusively to prevent losing, not to get something for the team. So roams allow supports to effect multiple lane and increase the general chance of winning (it's not really new, but it's more frequent when mid is roam heavy and when assassins are common).
    It sucks for adcs, but sadly adcs aren't that important until quite late into the game and supports are best in the early game.

  3. idk how the mmr even works. i just started playing ranked this season, and was placed in bronze 2. (G4 last season) and my games have all been against gold 2 to p4?? i don't understand how bc i literally only played norms this season xD

  4. I feel like Riot's balance team is literally trolling at this point. Jayce &Varus getting nerfs when champions like Yuumi & Yone getting buffs. It's like Riot gave up trying to balance their game.


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