How to Brand Support in League of Legends

This champion is TOO much fun in support, Liandry’s means you can do top damage in the game.

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Season 11 Brand runes guide League of Legends by Challenger DirtyMobs |
Brand Jhin vs Xayah Lux
Dark Harvest – Taste of blood – Eyeball Collection – Ravenous Hunter
Manaflow Band – Scorch
Adaptive Damage – Adaptive Damage – Scaling Healh
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17 thoughts on “How to Brand Support in League of Legends”

  1. I like running some Ghost Poro+Relentless and also Presance of mind+coup on Brand support.

    Ghost poro – lane is protected by "wards" for longer with poro and you can get to 10 stacks faster than Eyeball more consistantly.
    Relentless hunter to be able to roam more.
    Presence of Mind gives a ton more mana regen than manaflow.
    Coup syngeries with dark harvest really well and just outperforms scorch by about 100%.
    Also the CDR rune 🙂 because 9 ap is like only like 20 damage from a full combo.

    For item build. Unless they have 2+ frontliners going Ludens give you mathamatically more damage through pen then Liandries does. Boots>Luden>Shadowflame for the most damage possible in 2 items. If they have a bunch of shieldbow users or healing champs then going morellos or chemtech purifier instead of shadowflame is the only change to the build order that makes sense from a math standpoint.

    Boots> Ludens/Liandries>Shadowflame/(Chemtech Purifier/Morellos)>Deathcap/Rylai's. Dark seal is good if you have 350 gold on an early back.

    Luden's also gives you that juicy movement speed so that you can dance in and out of combat.

    I thought the best thing about your play in this game was your knowledge of the exact minion vision to sneak into those bushes. Holy crap I thought they had like 200 more range on their vision.

  2. Few weeks ago i was bored and decide pick Brand Top
    3/2/2 and ~100cs, but get S-
    Good setup for jungler ganks (i play E max, because think it will give me more damage into Aatrox and more waveclear)
    (Phase Rush – Manaflow band – precense of mind – scorch, biscuits and timewarp tonic. Better run than die)


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