How to carry games through splitpushing [Masters Urgot vs Akali] – League of Legends

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7 thoughts on “How to carry games through splitpushing [Masters Urgot vs Akali] – League of Legends”

  1. @Goliath GamesĀ  Maybe I am dumb to even think this .. but how about you swap one of the resolve runes for Revitalize for increased healing .. it is a nice combo for tough matchups .. I think you gain more from it than growth and it comes online the moment you lose 1HP, against weaker matchups you can get away with not having revitalize but for tough ones like ranged/poking champs it will be insane over the length of the game and the lower you get the stronger the heal .. idk just random thoughts .. would love to hear your thoughts on this

  2. Did you see the bruiser changes on the PBE? The main ones that seem relevant to Urgot (other than shifting around the numbers on Black Cleaver a little) are Trinity Force and Sterak's Gage.

    Sterak's Gage losing its sustain, giving bonus AD = 40% of base AD (Instead of flat AD), and the shield always equal to 75% of bonus HP. Since the shield is no longer reduced for ranged champions, it might be a better 5th/6th item for Urgot.

    Trinity Force is gaining 100 HP (Total of 300), and of course there's the Threefold strike synergy with the new Sterak's Gage.

    There's also a change to death's dance (spreads Magic damage too now), but it's only 10% of damage for ranged champions, so should barely affect Urgot.

    Do you have any thoughts on this?


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