HOW TO DIONA : THE RIGHT WAY | Genshin Impact Guide

Free DIANO will be given out when the 1.5 patch comes out. This video covers most of her kit and recommendations to build her optimally, as well as some game mechanics that can leverage Diona value & contribution to the team. She can be built as a full support or a pseudo dps. All footages were livestreamed on twitch.

Where would you rate her as a support (or dps) character ?

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0:00 Intro
0:36 Abilities Overview
2:48 Constellations Pt. 1
3:52 Attack Buff Mechanics
4:39 Constellations Pt. 2
5:11 Barrier & Shield Strength Mechanics
7:26 Constellations Pt.3
8:44 Weapon Explanation & Recommendations
11:44 Artifact Explanation & Recommendations
13:51 Team Comp, Talent Priority & Energy Regeneration Mechanics
15:14 Shield & Utility Showcase

Patch Version : 1.4
Current Banner : Tartaglia , Rosaria, Barbara, and Fischl
Current Event : Contending Tides

genshin impact diona

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20 thoughts on “HOW TO DIONA : THE RIGHT WAY | Genshin Impact Guide”

  1. I still don't get the idea of sac.bow, i'm kinda confident that shield doesn't add up on top of previous one, and just refreshes itself but i might be wrong. Have someone tested that?

  2. ALLO MR CODE ALLO MR GIRU. Some people may be genuine DIANO 's that they don't read vid descriptions so you may want to introduce timestamps in future guides within the video DIANO

  3. Me wondering how he cleared Floor 12 -3 pretty fast while his Diluc does only about 10~20% more damage then mine and I also have a C6 DIONA. But after I saw some crazy nos. from his Ganyu and Mona, me OK Ummm…… now I know HOW!?


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