How To Gravity Cannon Tap Strafe On Apex Legends (Beginner Tutorial)

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This is a guide of how to tap strafe out of the gravity cannon! Video is very quick and hope it is helpful!

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16 thoughts on “How To Gravity Cannon Tap Strafe On Apex Legends (Beginner Tutorial)”

  1. Leave a like if you want me to cover more movement tech on the gravity cannon. Figured we start off with this basic one as its the basis for all other movement tutorials. Also, it surprises me how many people still did not know about this!

  2. Cool Apex vid, Sad to see Battlefield 49 or whatever came out so arse imo as even I wanted it to be good. Like I remember commenting on your vids saying that! Now tho Been playing Halo and can't stop, if Apex screws up anymore I'll happily switch over to Halo mainly. Finally a amazing game that's come out recently as most have flopped the last couple of years PLAY HALO


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