How to Play Maokai & ACTUALLY Carry for Beginners | Maokai Guide League of Legends

How to Play Maokai & ACTUALLY Carry for Beginners + Best Build/Runes
Maokai Gameplay Guide League of Legends
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29 thoughts on “How to Play Maokai & ACTUALLY Carry for Beginners | Maokai Guide League of Legends”

  1. mr stix sir, if youre playing something that has real good first clearspeed(think diana last time she was meta), is it worth backing to get dark seal or boots before going for oposite side jg then gank?

  2. Maokai is a main of mine, i have a very small pool of em, main jg and support, him being really good in both, I was away irl for around a year, and come to find out, another of my mains amu is apparently a bomb ass support now too, so that's also nice!
    P.S.. Even though my Amu wr sits on average around 60+, I've yet to try him as support, have just seen it, but looks fun, almost as much as Maokai sup

  3. 4:15 Each time I watch you clear the scuttle crab, I always go crazy when you smite it early even when you play a champ who can CC it and break its shield! I obviously get it if you play Yi or Zed, but why not CC it? You always set yourself up for an easy smite steal JUST LIKE THIS ONE! Why do you always do this?!

  4. absolutely love your videos on both of your channels. they are so informative. don't know if you take requests but would love to see your preseason Kayn. supposedly he's very strong with the changes and addition of Axiom Arc.

  5. Fyi sapling dot from brush doesn't stack with itself, it only refreshes the duration. Meaning on your first camp, you want to space out the saplings so that the first one aggros on the camp as soon as it spawns in, and then you can walk the camp back to the next waiting sapling to get full duration on both sapling explosions.


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