How to Prepare for Fortnite Modding and Creative 2.0!

Here are 4 ways to prepare for #Fortnite Modding and Creative 2.0. Get over your fears about coding and check out Codeverse! Here’s my game you can play:

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How to get started with Unreal Engine 5:

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37 thoughts on “How to Prepare for Fortnite Modding and Creative 2.0!”

  1. Hello mustard plays, im working on a horror map but the problem is i dont really know how to make a good map, maybe you can help me with my map and make a video about it huge thanks to you!

  2. I’ve been doing coding classes, and coding is just like a language. In a language, you have things like nouns, verbs, adjectives and so on, and in coding you have integers, strings, and variables. The point is, when you are learning a language, you have to learn what each word means and use it in the proper context. Coding you have to know what a specific command does and use it in a proper context. Looking at code might look scary, but if you spend some time to understand what it might mean, then it’s gonna make a lot of sense.

  3. I'm definitely feeling the nerves about creative 2.0. And it's not just about the thought of coding. Half the fun I get from Creative is finding new ways to get around the limitations of the tools, and I worry that too much freedom will leave me behind somehow.

    That said, the first time I saw a trigger device I imagined using them for a sort of scratch coding. That's probably how I visualise them a lot of the time anyway and really hope that Creative 2 can continue that sort of "Lego brick coding" as an option.


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