How to Travel to Other Stars – Quick Warp Guide – Dyson Sphere Program (Early Access)

Warping to other stars in Dyson Sphere Program is buried deep in the tech tree in early access, but it is a reliable way to find rare mineable materials like Organic Crystals. To go to other planets, you need a few early techs. But to go out of your home system and to another star, you’re going to need all of the following on top of unlocking PURPLE research matrices: the correct tech unlocks, multiple space warpers so you can make a return trip, and lots of fuel. Faster than light travel takes a LOT of energy even for the upgrades that you already have. Bring snacks. I recommend Deuteron Fuel Rods. If you’re going to do some interstellar travel you might as well take something that lasts.

Nothing feels more appropriate for going to to a distant world than slamming CAPS LOCK. Just don’t forget to press it again when you get to your new star.

If you’ve unlocked a few of the space exploration techs, you can evenAnd don’t forget to bring the resources you need to make sure you can do what you want to do when you get to that new system. It would suck to travel to a new place and then not have the resources needed to craft something like a mining machine or basic power.

And don’t forget, this was all recorded during DSP’s Early Access. A lot of this information is subject to change. Personally I hope the developer decides to put interstellar travel earlier in the tech tree than where it currently is.

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How to Travel to Other Star Systems – Quick Warp Guide – Dyson Sphere Program (Early Access)

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