HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT – New Division Stand Alone Game – HEARTLAND – Coming 2021 – (Division News)

Just announced, Ubisoft and Red Storm Studios will be unveiling The Division “Heartland” later this year. Here’s everything we know so far about this free to play game coming on all platforms!

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43 thoughts on “HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT – New Division Stand Alone Game – HEARTLAND – Coming 2021 – (Division News)”

  1. Here's to hoping they don't Fk it up like they did with The Summit. The game has plenty of juice and potential left but only if the devs put customer desires ahead of their own artistic desires. We end up with the massively disappointing Summit instead of a return to the popular BR style Survival game mode bc the devs didn't want to do it again, didn't matter what the customers wanted.

    If they drop the ball again on both the F2P Heartland and whatever new Content they have for Div2 than the IP is likely to see a 5 or more year hiatus.

    Game development us part art but uts also got to be a commercially viable product so the devs artistic desires have to take a back seat to meeting customer desires

  2. This is big exciting. I love the idea of what the Division is, beyond just the gameplay. Looking forward to Heartland, to the movie, and even the book (this coming from someone who doesn’t like to read LOL).

  3. I would like to be excited but I'll wait 2.5 years probably before I pick it up. Ubisoft is a company that has NEVER learned their lesson. At least Massive is not involved, which needs to happen. Their last several releases have been very poor and taken years to become worth buying. Their shares did not tank without reason. Not saying I won't buy it but I am saying that I will wait before I buy anything from them again. Unless this game delivers, I'll pass. Oh it's free? I'll still wait. If it's free, it's probably chock full of loot boxes then. I'll wait and see if it's any good before I get excited. Going mobile, I'm guessing this is whale bait.

  4. Would like to see a massive dark zone-esque map (players present everywhere, pvp always possible, higher risk = higher reward, etc) set in a more rural or even smarter cities/towns rather than a massive city. Would love to see new tech, talents, and abilities in Heartland.

    As for the mobile game, after the Raid knockoff ubi put out recently, I'm not holding my breath.

  5. Red storm made the best updates to the division so I'm stoked to see what they do when they are in charge from the onset! Free to play as well, would love to see survival mode come back!

  6. The franchise is not suitable for battlefiled like gameplay so pretty sure the F2P will be BR game or tarkov like game.
    Hopefully this time they make the gameplay right, the previous games have perfect storyline and settings but the gameplays are not following up well.

  7. The Division film will be interesting. Jake Gyllenhaal looks like a Division character anyways and he's a pretty good actor for the roles he takes. Looking forward to this.

  8. im excited about heartland, but free to play makes me uneasy. red storm takes that uneasy-ness away, but im willing to bet its a damn battle royale, and i hate them they are terrible and we dont need anymore BR games, that genre needs to die already. the BR mode in battlefield 6 is going to ruin battlefield as it is.

  9. My suspicion is that being F2P and with Ubisoft's desire to monetization everything, we'll get a COD Warzone type thing with lots of MTXs. One thing that's very positive is that I think we can certainly lockin a Division 3 down the road, with all this universe building going on

  10. Interested ….desperate for new content …but F2P? Ubisoft don’t do ‘free’….what’s the catch ? Either will be crap or knee deep in monetisation. Really hope wrong tho

  11. I really need to see more, but f2p and mobile isnt something that gets me going. I really hope there is substantial solo story driven pve content, since I have no interest in any form of pvp content. I also dont want to jump the gun, so I will wait and see; but im not going to hype myself up if I dont know exactly what it is.

  12. Sounded good until I heard F2P you know anything that Ubisoft makes that is F2P is going to be a total cash grab. Iam so sick of these F2P games you normally end up spending way more money in those titles that you normally would if it was a paid game.


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