Huge PS5 JRPG UPDATE and New Awesome PS5 FPS Revealed + More

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16 thoughts on “Huge PS5 JRPG UPDATE and New Awesome PS5 FPS Revealed + More”

  1. Nexus is meh…Neir ripoff. Trails of Cold Steel is Getting an Anime as well. Falcom is finally getting some shine.

    I'll look forward to Trails series which has produced a plethora of Masterpieces!!

  2. If you want a GOOD GAME. The only Great/Masterpiece game to come out will be Disco Elysium definitive edition which has Exclusivity to Playstation for a bit.

    The new Console Neir Remastered should be good as well.

  3. I won't touch any of these but I welcome all new releases. The sooner games come out, the sooner they get reviewed and sooner they go on sale so the sooner they can jump into my backlog for a steal. I'm playing breath of the wild still so I'm 3 years behind 🤣

  4. Not paying $60 for a 2 chapter DLC FUCK OFF! SQUARE ENIX!, Not playing Ratchet &Trash for 6 year old's , so the only game I have to play for this entire YEAR!! 👀 is Scarlet Nexus and I still have to wait 3 more months basically 4 🤷🏼‍♂️. The only thing I can pray for now is for Miyazaki to save this year for me is with ELDEN RING!. I don't know why we haven't seen Tales of Arise yet which is really pathetic because that has been in development way longer than Scarlet Nexus. Which makes me worried for Scarlet Nexus because I hope it's not a rushed game even though it's been in development for a while as well. 👀


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