Hunting Survivors! DayZ Ps5.

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On this video I travel through Chernarus in search for other players on DayZ. My goal was simple, kill as many players as I could and stay alive in this gigantic …


45 thoughts on “Hunting Survivors! DayZ Ps5.”

  1. Hey if you see a guy named xVskizzle1016x be careful what you say to him, he may report you for being toxic. The guy reported my buddy the other day after he started talking shit to my buddy first. Lol he was last seen on server 2707.

  2. And I have a question I want to start up a youtube channel on dayz. But I don’t know what to buy like for recording and where to edit my videos because I play on Xbox series x. I get into a lot of action but can’t record it can you help?

  3. New subscriber great video and what's this game like I been hearing bad about it can you level up on it or customize weapons looks like pubg style any good mite get it thanks


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