Hypostatic Symphony F2P Guide – Day 3, Challenge 3 (Primogems + More) | Genshin Impact Event

Guide on the new Hypostatic Symphony event in Genshin Impact. Total reward for this event is 420 primogems and some upgrade materials.
Need average of 2860 points per fight to get all rewards.
Only need 2000 points each to get the unique nameplate reward.
Day 3 Geo Boss / Challenge 3 F2P Guide – 2925 points.

Overall guide for all 3 Hypostatsis Cube bosses: https://youtu.be/3UICfg9XJnk

Check out my other Boss and F2P Character Guides in my channel.

0:00 10 Primogems
0:30 Day 3 Overview
1:01 F2P Team Setup
1:32 Boss Guide
5:35 Attack Pattern/Guide



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