I Built A FROG CITY in Minecraft 1.19 Hardcore (#46)

Today I built a giant frog city in Minecraft 1.19 Hardcore. This required us to collect thousands of mud blocks, build giant mountains, build the city, and capture every type of frog in Minecraft! I also fought the Warden with a huge army of Iron Golems!

Watch The Whole Hardcore Series HERE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6gJkISajekAYxbVRE8bHuJKolT_PW8rc

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48 thoughts on “I Built A FROG CITY in Minecraft 1.19 Hardcore (#46)”

  1. You should make a clay farm by putting a row of mud & under, put another dripstone block then put the DRIPSTONE (not the block) under the dripstone block. You can use pistons to push another row of mud when you farm off the clay.

  2. Farzy I watch you every time your video comes out and when Iโ€™m sad and I think it would be cool if you made a movie theater or another castle cool for Broderick or Carlton or a

  3. The swamps are really cool and that was the frogs habitat and they could have fun and roam freely then you took them out of there home and you put them in a small space when they could have the freedom to go wherever they want. And you call the swamps ugly when Mojang is trying to make the Mangrove Swamps so Pretty that people get inspired to plant Mangrove trees in real life. I hope you are proud of what you are doing


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