I Busted Chapter 3 Myths That Shouldn't Exist

Today we bust more Fortnite Chapter 3 myths that probably shouldn’t even be in the game. Let me know what other weird little secrets you know!

Use code tomato because it’s a cool one to use (epic partner)

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45 thoughts on “I Busted Chapter 3 Myths That Shouldn't Exist”

  1. Myh1.what happens if you drop a tree on a npc because it does fall on enemies..so does it count a npc and enemy? Myth2.can we store a tent inside of a tent?myth3.what happens if someone webs on animal that bounces off a launchpad?

  2. Jump in a car and let the sharp shark jump dump and bite the car you'll go flying about 2000 m has me and my friend were in a trio match and then all of a sudden the shark bit man I love flying


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