i can't trust ANYONE | AMONG US Funny Moments!

This was originally streamed last Sunday here on YouTube and on my Twitch! Here are the highlights from the first half of the stream, I’ll edit the second half too if people seem to enjoy this one :D.

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45 thoughts on “i can't trust ANYONE | AMONG US Funny Moments!”

  1. Note before you freak out: we use our mics the whole time every second round. It absolutely doesn’t ruin the game or even negatively impact it (the impostors still won more than once!), and it’s fun because you get to talk to your friends :).

  2. I laugh at how expressive your eyebrows are(in a jovial way). Im glad to see you uploading more frequently, the videos genuinely help me be happy! Much love, stay safe, and stay funny!

    Your fan,
    James “Clams” Howard

  3. To the good and sensible people reading this – you're awesome, you're loved, you can do this, have a great day.

    PSA: Not a bot or like hunting, just trying to spread some positivity, hope you don’t mind Alanah! Please keep the replies and comments nice and positive too! 🙂


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