I Feel AWFUL For This Roblox YouTuber…

I Feel AWFUL For This Roblox YouTuber… Today, KreekCraft called out a Roblox YouTuber, ThinkNoodles having trouble for his Roblox Doors video, and more Roblox news / Roblox drama.

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0:00 Intro
0:07 Roblox Is BROKEN…
0:31 This Roblox SCAM Was Fixed…
0:51 This Developer SOLD His Account For $100,000?!
1:19 KreekCraft CALLED OUT This YouTuber…
1:40 I Feel AWFUL For This Roblox YouTuber…
2:24 It’s Over Roblox…
3:07 Outro


45 thoughts on “I Feel AWFUL For This Roblox YouTuber…”

  1. i jus found out that youtube mde a warning to thinknoodles because of figure L I T E R A L L Y FALLING THROUGH THE WINDOW also know as defenestration, thats prob the reason too lloolol

  2. over the rbb i did it for 2 hours then i slept for around 7 hours then i did around 8 more hours and i was top 7.5k but here is the point people want to change it to 15k but i dont like that bc 1 if you do thst it would be unfair bc i didnt get the golden items wich many other people did and it wasnt even that hard i mean there are games more and more fruststrating and it was just fair.

  3. The finale battle becomes frustrating & more frustrating for the players who’s trying to get the hood of hero’s & golden version of the crown. Like if it becomes impossible next season (if there will be one) I’ll just try to ignore it, Idrc about the gold & hood items. This season I ignored the finale battle too just because I’m a mobile player, I might lag or even lose a checkpoint and might have to start over again, so if your frustrated on the finale battle of RB Battles just try your best to ignore it.

  4. It's really sad that RB Battles is having a hard time. They worked really hard to bring this to life. However, I guess the difficulty of the final fight should be balanced. I am sad for myself because I couldn't do much of anything during the event as a whole. For one, it's was during the Holidays of which it's the busiest time of the year and I also I to work in a full-time job during all of that. Two, also preparing for my own Holidays buy taking care of my house and myself. Three, other games that I also play had their own updates. Four, I was seriously struggling and being stressed out of all this happening all at the same time.
    But just because I was struggling, it doesn't mean that they don't deserve a lot of credit for their hard work.

  5. I think the reason thinknoodles video got taken down was because the Figure jumped out the window. I read the warning it said taken down due to suicide. I hope I spelled that correctly. And the only thing in the video related to that was the Figure jumping out the window. I’m talking about thinknoodles doors video if you didn’t know already.


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