I Found The BEST Sea Of Thieves Crew Mate

So I managed to find the best Sea Of Thieves crew mate! Normally setting your game to open crew is a bad idea but I managed to luck out and make a new best friend on the ocean!
Click here to watch another random encounter video – https://youtu.be/Rgw7gDBcwsE

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James, otherwise known as ThatsSoJames, is an online content creator on YouTube, Twitch and TikTok. On his channel, ThatsSoJames LIVE, he posts videos featuring highlights of his streams which you can find on Twitch under the name ohThatsSoJames.

This style of video is similar to Wilbur Soot and Ludwig in parts. A large influence on my channel has come from content such as CallMeKevin and jschlattLIVE

James plays a variety of games, however Minecraft is a staple on the channel. Using comedy and personality, James creates a bond between the viewer and himself to keep the viewers entertained

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