I nearly QUIT FOREVER | Escape From Tarkov

In this video I frantically try and complete any task I can but also hyper fixate on Tarkov Shooter.

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Music by Josh Lovett

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0:00 Intro
0:17 Warming Up
1:20 First Lottery
1:48 Factory Raid
2:28 Woods Raids
5:25 Second Lottery
5:32 Lighthouse Raid
6:01 Back to Woods
6:55 Third Lottery
7:04 More Woods
10:16 Fourth Lottery
10:26 Another Woods
12:16 Fifth Lottery
12:22 Lighthouse Again
13:16 Even More Woods
13:33 Sixth Lottery
13:38 Labs Raid
14:21 Surprise Woods Raid
15:03 Next Time
15:32 Outro


15 thoughts on “I nearly QUIT FOREVER | Escape From Tarkov”

  1. Nearly at the end now, just one more episode left for this season! I'll still do some Loadout Lottery videos to fill the gap until wipe, depending on how far away it is. Hope you enjoy!

  2. Just a heads up, if you need to grind sniper XP the cheapest and fastest way is to take a magless VPO-215 in and keep ejecting and reloading the single round. It'll recycle itself so unlike the Mosin plebs you don't throw tons of money down the drain.

  3. hey drake love the series, try holding down left click after you take a shot with a bolty, you wont bolt it til you let go and this can help keep your eye focused on the target for longer! annoying trying to hit players when they're fuckin bouncin around all the time

  4. Something I, too, had to learn the hard way: The tactical device/laser on the standard M700 stock is not properly aligned with the barrel, it's pointing upwards, making it almost completely useless for aiming 😢


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