I played video games on the phone for 906 hours

📺 YouTube: 65 Nap, 04 óra, 28 perc
🎮 Android Games: 37 Day, 18h, 26m
#1 GTA: San Andreas   07 Day, 18h, 13m
#2 Plants vs. Zombies 06 Day, 01h, 58m
#3 COD: BO Zombies   05 Day, 04h, 26m
#4 GTA: Vice City          02 Day, 10h, 17m
#5 GTA: III                       01 Day, 21h, 35m
#6 Dead Space Mobile 01 Day, 19h, 06m
#7 Happy Chick             01 Day, 18h, 50m
#8 Bully                           01 Day, 05h, 59m
#9 GTA: LC Stories        01 Day, 01h, 28m
Minecraft                 17h, 19m
The Walking Dead: S1 (Full) 16h, 16m
LEGO Star Wars: TCS 13h, 26m
Plants vs Zombies 2 10h, 17m
Mario Kart DS          08h, 45m
Free Fire                   05h, 08m
Limbo                               03h, 33m
Mario Kart 64          03h, 31m
Bloons TD 5             03h, 10m
Alien Hominid                03h, 03m
Namco Museum NDS  02h, 47m
GTA: Chinatown Wars  02h, 46m
Crash Bandicoot    02h, 36m
GTA: Vice City Stories PSP 02h, 34m
The Walking Dead: S2, E1 02h, 30m
The Wolf Among Us S1, E1 02h, 23m
Minecraft Story Mode S1, E1 02h, 22m
Max Payne                02h, 15m
Game of Thrones S1, E1 02h, 14m
TWD: Michonne 02h, 11m
Zuma’s Revenge    02h, 08m
Candy Crush Saga       02h, 08m
Grand Theft Auto             01h, 45m
Tarzan                              01h, 31m
Manhunt 2 PSP 01h, 30m
Dino Crisis 2                 01h, 18m
Pepsi-Man                       01h, 15m
Crash Bandicoot Racing 01h, 13m
Hot wheels                       01h, 12m
Crash Bandicoot 2         01h, 09m
Hercules                         01h, 09m
Cuphead Mobile            01h, 08m
Super Mario 64               01h, 07m
Mortal Kombat Trilogy 01h, 06m
Super Metroid                 01h, 04m
Super Mario Bros.         01h, 04m
RE 3: Nemesis                01h, 01m
Stardew Valley               01h, 00m
GTA 2                              01h, 00m
Metal Slug X                 01h, 00m
Resident Evil NDS          41m
Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee 37m
Tetris Worlds (GBA)       35m
Bloons TD 6 29m
Super Mario Kart            28m
Zelda                                28m
Final Doom                     28m
ResidentEvil: Survivol   26m
Spyro the Dragon          26m
LEGO Indiana Jones PSP 26m
COD 4: Modern Warfare DS 25m
Command & Conquer  25m
Resident Evil                   22m
Metal Gear Solid            21m
Tekken 2                         21m
Pong                                 20m
Chase The Express 20m
Swamp Attack 20m
Resident Evil 4 Mobile 19m
Toy Story 2                      19m
Among Us 18m
Toy Story 3 PSP 18m
Fallout Shelter                17m
The Sims 3 NDS            17m
007 The World Is Not Enough 17m
Battle City                       16m
Crash Bandicoot 3        16m
Peggle Dual Shot          15m
007 GoldenEye               15m
Medal of Honor              15m
Mortal Kombat 4           15m
Resident Evil 2                15m
COD: Roads to Victory PSP 14m
Max Payne (GBA) 14m
Crash Of The Titans PSP 14m
Twisted Metal                13m
World of Goo                  13m
MoH: Underground       13m
Dino Crisis                      13m
Hill Climb 2 13m
Syphon Filter                  12m
Syphon Filter 2               12m
Gun Showdown PSP 12m


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