I Summoned The Boss and I Regret EVERYTHING | Valheim

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6 thoughts on “I Summoned The Boss and I Regret EVERYTHING | Valheim”

  1. if you plan on playing this game again, here's a few tips:

    blocking and stamina are the most important things in this game for combat

    if you get a shield your block value should be high enough. there are 2 types of blocks: parry and block, if you block just a second before you get hit, the block becomes a parry, which is a little bit better block

    stamina has 2 sides: maximum stamina (increase it by eating food) and stamina regen speed. night and rain decrease your stamina regen. if you run out of stamina you can't attack or block, so fighting during a sunny day helps a lot. also if you are under a roof and has a fire nearby (getting the shelter and fire bonuses), you'll get a resting effect, if you have a resting effect for a small time (about 15 seconds), you get the rested bonus, which increases your stamina regen above the normal levels

    so as long as you build a shield, has any weapon (even an axe), block attacks, is well fed, fight during the day and have the rested bonus, even if it takes a couple minutes, killing the boss should be easy


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