I Survived 300 Days in Hardcore BETTER Minecraft PLUS… Here's What Happened

Today I survived for 300 days in Hardcore Better Minecraft!
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Hardcore Minecraft will flip any casual minecrafter upside-down with an onslaught of hostile mobs that do insane damage to you. In this video I spent 100 days surviving the harsh elements that hardcore minecraft has to offer and I thrived in it.

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23 thoughts on “I Survived 300 Days in Hardcore BETTER Minecraft PLUS… Here's What Happened”

  1. Kuruk was Water Tribe
    Kyoshi was Earth Kingdom
    Roku was Fire Nation
    and Yangchen was Air Nomads.

    figured i would list them with their proper tribe names. actually rewatching ATLA on Netflix.

  2. Your content is so good; I dont immediately exit the video, at the mention of a sponsor.
    Now, as a Premium user; I skipped that garbage, as I paid to get rid of ads.
    But ye!
    I couldnt just exit out, because I like your play and commentary style.


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