I think Seer will replace Crypto and Bloodhound. Seer Reveal Trailer REACTION! (Apex Legends)

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►Seer’s ability breakdown trailer was released today and here’s my thoughts to it. Good bye Bloodhound and Crypto

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47 thoughts on “I think Seer will replace Crypto and Bloodhound. Seer Reveal Trailer REACTION! (Apex Legends)”

  1. I don’t like the fact he can turn off heals while they’re being done like in a middle of a fight and you get hit with this mid phenix I’d be pissed especially for that could’ve been the winning kill if I could’ve gotten the heal off

  2. Ok these characters now are getting way out of hand like what about my home girl wraith like she’s nerfed into the ground but this dude here like nah there’s to many abilities for one character which is unfair in my opinion but we will see how broken he is but I see it as to many abilities in one character

  3. well I’ve found one of my new mains, previously loba, caustic. Then crypto and fuse as secondaries. Now it’s gonna be loba caustic seer and same secondaries

  4. He is not going to replace nor be better than bloodhound and crypto. Bloodhound is to get a general idea and to track, and seer is more precise tracking. Crypto is a surveillance type and is for manual tracking. So no, he is not going to be better nor replace either legends. If anything, seer is recycled from bloodhound and crypto

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  6. Ridiculous how they just killed two of their characters with Seer. Bloodhound can still see use through their ultimate, but Crypto is pointless now. God EA and Respawn are incredibly stupid. I shouldn't be surprised but I didn't think even they would be this dumb.


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