I WON in a MASSIVE Minecraft Tournament

I got to play in the MCC Pride 2022 event with Ranboo, Sapnap and Ethan and it was incredible
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37 thoughts on “I WON in a MASSIVE Minecraft Tournament”

  1. Hi jacksepticeye glad you still find Minecraft fun. :/ super smash bros and dorky video of Minecraft kind of gets me irritated. Reasons why is because if Minecraft deserves to be recognized for its huge popularity. Why is this so called popularity not enough to make servers for doctor who mod.
    Legit when you download something like a atlauncher (which is a launcher that fuses all Minecraft launchers together) and download packs like pixelmon you get every single server that’s public for pixelmon.

    Though when you download something like dalek mod 1.16 you get no choices as in not a single server exists with that mod I downloaded. Seriously if Minecraft is popular why only specific mods shows servers and the others like a doctor who mod have no options and show no servers? This kind of puts me at question of “where is this so called popularity.”

    Why don’t I see this popularity that’s large enough to start a server with different kinds of mods.

  2. All I learned is Jack is amazing at the games that have zero to do with any Minecraft… ability, and are just ubiquitous knowledge games.

    Meaning he's a good gamer and bad at Minecraft due to being new.


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