I'm NEVER Losing A Game This Season. – League of Legends

I’m NEVER Losing A Game This Season. | Teemo Top – League of Legends

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Team PMA
Team Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is a Twitch stream team that I created for League of Legends streamers who are always trying to look on the bright side and bring good to the rift.

For more info + where you can find all things Team PMA:

⮞ Website/Merch: https://pma.gg/
⮞ Twitch: twitch.tv/pmastreamteam
⮞ Twitch Team:.twitch.tv/team/teampma
⮞ Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCcMuD4AYswi9b3PNY7-whsg
⮞ Twitter: twitter.com/PMAstreamteam
⮞ Discord: https://discord.gg/HaSbS5T

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  1. Hey Manco, thanks for the great content, I am a returning playing from circa 2014. I only play Teemo top. I've never done ranked before. I'm worried people will ask me to play other roles/lanes? Any advice on how to best get the lane you want?


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