Imagine if 343 needs to delay Halo Infinite AGAIN to 2022…

If there is one thing we learned for sure in 2020, it’s that games like Halo Infinite can be delayed at any moment. Will 343 have to delay Halo Infinite to 2022?

It’s certainly possible and we will imagine what could cause that and what that would be like in this video. Halo Infinite is scheduled to release Fall 2021, but this far out, anything can happen.

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27 thoughts on “Imagine if 343 needs to delay Halo Infinite AGAIN to 2022…”

  1. exactly like everyones saying that its going to be nov 15th but they never confirmed it and if u go into the microsoft store it says dec 30th 2021 but my point was if it was coming out in nov 15th why have a placeholder

  2. What if Infinite is stuck in Anthem hell? I mean, the grapple hook isn't as impressive as the Iron Man flight looked at first demo, but Infinite demo this summer really leaned on the frickin grapple hook. Felt a little desperate and like it was saying look here look here…..don't look over there.

    Delay it as long as needed.

  3. It's just as Sean said. Halo can't get any more dead than it is right now. So delaying Infinite again can't make the situation worse. In all honesty, it would actually benefit Halo. If it does get delayed till 2022, they can scrap realesing Infinite for the original Xbox One and make it next gen only and focus on making it the best next gen Halo possible.


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