Imperial Knights vs Orks – 2000pt Warhammer 40k battle report

The Deathskulls are going tank hunting! Out to test their luck, a roaming Waaagh seeks to loot some big mechs in Warzone Octavius. There have been rumours of a great big green one blessed by Gork (or possibly) Mork which they absolutely have to try their hand at.

Brian is breaking out his Knight Styrix for the first time on the channel! This big lad got some love in the Forgeworld update and is looking to Krump some orks. Meanwhile Adrian is back with his Deathskulls, this time trying out a recently successful list with a slightly different take on the faction!
Imperial Knights (Brian) –
Orks (Adrian) –

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23 thoughts on “Imperial Knights vs Orks – 2000pt Warhammer 40k battle report”

  1. Boy you really need a Hell Fire shot or deviation like cyclone terminator, hell is half your payload x6 if you use one full turn half way you still get all 5 turns and 4 at 6 attacks possible, just need a reloader thing?? Or deviation if you had 2 terminator that would have 24 missile at once but only one?? Could you imagine 10 thats 120 in one shot.😄.

  2. I'm fairly certain that strats won't work on embarked unless the vehicle's rules include "embarked troops may fire as if it was apart of the vehicle." IE gun drones on a Devilfish.

  3. Hey is that ork list okay? In video you're showing Warboss on Warbike and Wierdboy, but Weirdboy is not on a sheet even and warboss on warbike is written as warboss and has been counted as one in terms of points (83 instead of 108)

  4. These guys pretend to know what they are saying or playing. But they're looking up rules and messing stuff up just as much as most newbies. Come on, have some respect, learn the rules for the game beforehand. You are making money this way, it is pretty inexcusable. Sorry if i sound too negative, but this content is lackluster.

  5. Did anybody else restart the videos to see Adrian do that little dance and make a great noise! 🤣🤘

    Love the content as usual guys, especially the new intro, thank you from London, England ✌️

  6. For the mission secondary, you can only pick a priority objective that YOU moved. Since Adrian moved both back objectives, Brian cannot select his back objective for priority objective.

  7. Lol at the stratagems and abilities open-topped vs. embarkation discussion. The new rules made it exactly the same as 8th ed, they're not new, just better codified, and all in one place.

  8. See, I really like that it's only modifiers that affect embarked units, as modifiers are one of the few things with a built-in hard cap on how bonkers they can get. (+/-1)


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