ImperialHal Apologized to a Random Teammate after Going off on Him | Apex Legends Daily Highlights

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๐Ÿ”นHal Apologized to a Random Teammate after Going off on Him | Apex Legends Daily Highlights ep209

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๐ŸŽตOutro Music:
Track: WiDE AWAKE โ€“ Something More [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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โฒTime Stamps:
00:00 Thumbnail Content
02:40 New Gun โ€œLeakedโ€
03:07 360 flying wingman
03:28 R3KT Wiping Squad
03:49 Flying Sentinel Shots
04:06 Feels Good
04:24 Mande Wiping Squad
05:09 Raizy Wiping Squad
05:28 Rez Through Wall
05:41 Snipe Farming
06:12 Taxi Strafe
06:34 What is this
06:54 How did they live
07:41 Gen Aimbotting
07:55 Hakis Wiping Revtane Squad
08:34 105 Mid Air
08:46 mom dad stop
09:04 Kraber Shots
09:21 Wraith: Im popping off
09:48 Hunt them down
10:29 press W
10:43 PK Shots
10:59 New Music Bug
11:17 Close
12:08 Beamed
12:33 Kraber Collat
13:00 Superglide but with Acceleration
13:13 Stormen Thing
13:30 One Punch Caustic
14:03 Phase Dash Q
14:33 Outro

๐ŸŽฎLegends featured in this episode
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20 thoughts on “ImperialHal Apologized to a Random Teammate after Going off on Him | Apex Legends Daily Highlights”

  1. Lol when snipe said hes so fuckin good cuz he broke sum shields with the spit and can only use the prowler eva 8 cuz he doesn't actually have good gun skill whatsoever so he needs to use broken shit lol.

  2. This comment section is full of idiots. Trying to make Hal seem like he was in the wrong when the other 2 salty teammates started it. Then they decided to play victim after Hal got mad. Bronze will stay bronze I guess.

  3. I like how it was "i'm sorry but" dude wasn't sorry just didn't mean to baby rage in front of his chat. Then the poor guy walks back on being upset at him talking shit to him for no reason because he's a streamer :/

  4. Here's the thing, solo queue is absolutely braindead most of the time and teammates go off doing dumb shit expecting you to save them. I'm a master player, but man have I had to carry people so much that then went off on me because they died and I ended up reacting the same way as Hal. You just can't get a break in this game and I couldn't care less about Hal acting this way, but I know the apex subreddit would've destroyed this mans career over something legit.

    When I get a teammate who knows what he's doing I'll stick with him and play together, don't leave when downed or have them leave when they get downed, but I rarely get those.


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