ImperialHal on Movement Skills against Pro Players | Apex Legends Daily Highlights & Funny Moments

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🔹In Today’s Video, ImperialHal on Movement Skills against Pro Players | Apex Legends Daily Highlights & Funny Moments ep281

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⏲Time Stamps:
00:00 Thumbnail Content
00:53 Intro
01:03 TrailerSheen
01:37 im going in
01:55 rattable?
02:17 angle
02:36 New TSM Won BFC Game 6
03:15 Rats inside a Rock
03:28 Tap Strafe & No Scope Kraber
03:41 KSWINNIIE Clutch
04:07 Lyric 1v2 with Schmovement
04:23 Monsoon Wiping Squad
04:41 No Scope FTW
05:09 Selly Going Crazy with Wingman
05:26 Shiv 1v2 with PK
05:40 Sirdel Popping off
06:00 Stanyyy 1v3
06:52 WingmanSheen Aimbotting
07:02 Taxi 1v3
07:30 leaves built diff
07:46 double bubble
08:04 spot
08:14 Mande Clutch
08:38 Monsoon 1v2 Clutch
09:01 Obly Wiping Squad
09:37 Ottr Beaming
09:57 Bubble Disappear in BFC Tournament
10:13 Warload Pooping on Enemies
10:46 Sirdel Cleanig up
10:58 Kine 1v3
11:30 my audio is backward
11:50 lulu Beaming
12:06 Flying Wingman Shot
12:15 Scary Game
12:34 Bing Bong
12:52 Mande Move
13:05 Higher Wall Jump?
13:10 Ratting Legends
13:23 Crushed
13:36 Popping off with Sentinel & PK
14:00 rpr: i will be claiming my free **** suk
14:24 Team Sheesh
15:03 Outro

🎮Legends featured in this episode
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26 thoughts on “ImperialHal on Movement Skills against Pro Players | Apex Legends Daily Highlights & Funny Moments”

  1. I get what he's saying, but I disagree heavily on the running away thing, and where he said "if I would done movement tech I woulda got him", cause that do be the case sometimes. But he's right in the fact that if you wallbounce on a pro player, they will just track you out of the air and maybe only miss 2 shots bc of the bounce.

  2. Comp is Bunker down gameplay so of course movement will matter less because you literally move less.

    This will never change until the hold and camp + bubble fight meta is done away with.

    People can pretend like that's not what comp apex is all they want.

  3. Everything is important. Except in pro level games you have to optimize your efficiency so there's not much space left for bhopping 24/7, you use stuff when it's needed. In cs:go casuals would also say that "movement is not important: look at s1mple he doesn't bhop like some guys on youtube!" Yet when the time comes, he does the sickest level of movement in conditions where a single mistake could lead to a loss.

  4. I don't care what people think. But for these pros that literally 3 stack play 8+ hours a day say movement tech is trash, they don't even take the time to learn and perfect. Because they are pampered by their 2 other pro teamates

  5. Fluidity of movement is important but game sense and knowledge of how to move around buildings and POIs is most important. Super glides and wall bounces are useful but don't matter against pros with 10,000+ hours of FPS experience

  6. 0:39 say it to Faide who solo killed full pred squad(with Rogue, DROPPED and Zeroplus) with his movement and zip tricks. Everyone can find it by "USING MOVEMENT TO KILL TWITCH STREAMERS IN APEX LEGENDS #7
    " very last clip

  7. honestly its more about iq, if you move good and actually have a brain youll be fine, ive encountered many brain dead movement players theyre so predictable and ive maybe been out played once or twice but thats because on pc people tap strafe over my head and pop me with a wingman or something


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