New Season 11 Illaoi Top Gameplay! League of legends Illaoi Season 11 gameplay!
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Season 11 Illaoi runes guide League of Legends
Conqueror – Triumph – Tenacity – Coup de Grace
Taste – Ravenous Hunter
10 AD – 10 AD – 6 Armor

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22 thoughts on “INDESTRUCTIBLE RAIDBOSS ILLAOI?! This Build Makes Illaoi LITERALLY UNTOUCHABLE! League of Legends”

  1. I want to see a trench team comp where it's a bunch of champions like Illaoi and Xerath who are really good at defending towers, or poking people while under tower and they just sit and wait while their opponents waste resourves and time trying to break their entrenched positions.

  2. love the concept. I also noticed that with illaoi the tankier you are early the more damage you get off. solid build.

    pretty unlucky the Morgana was a noob and never blocked your e. that's a vital counter

  3. i use to watch all your vids and loved you now you are a toxic head famous dog who actually is garbage now because of your attitude sort that shit out and bring back the old sro the one we all loved

  4. There just Sooo bad it's crazy. The fact that you miss alot of E's and you didn't get punished for it it's crazy it's just unbelievable. When you play with people who knows what to do it's going to be hard for you to play. Ok let me give you an example in the game that you just play. How many times did Morgana block your E with a black shuild NONE if she's average you will have a hard time landing E.

  5. The most insane part is where the game hit the 21 to 3 in kills and the enemy team does not surrender. I got games where people surrender because we got 2 kills less then the enemy team.

  6. too bad illaoi is one of the worst top laners currently against actual competant players who know what they're doing. It's sad, one of my favorite champs, didn't get any form of compensation for the item changes. Sure, you rush Steraks, Frostfire, but even then, she doesnt have any REAL mythic for her, just "ok" mythics on her. Frostfire IS currently her best mythic, followed by Divine and Stridebreaker (do not build goredrinker man, it sucks, the healing is dog, you need mobility or tankiness if anything.) If you buff her, idk, maybe something about her e? like missle speed, or buff her healing, she will be "okay", because even with buffed healing, 60% GW just shits on her, and every champ and their mother has a way to get 60% GW with immobilizing champs. Make Steraks a Mythic so she doesnt have to rush it and miss out on Mythic passive for 10 minutes lmao. She is literally the ONLY jug who hasnt gotten any form of buffs nor help since season 11, doesnt make any sense. She's not BAD but she is just not a good top laner to pick, no point in it when every other top laner can do what she can but 100x better with 100x more mobility.

    (You can even throw illaoi players a bone and give healing to camps, or even let GW not work against illaoi 😉 )

  7. Like you don't realize enemy team has 5 kills in total, and you're all up there being proud, "omg i'm so tanky" Not really, the enemy team just has nothing but a dorans blade. Btw love your vids. Helped me alot

  8. Could you give any tips on why you would not suggest this build for Camille?
    *Great vids!
    ** I do not main Toplane and have no big experience on either Camille or Illaoi, just here for the vibes!


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