Interchange Hidden Stash / Cache Guide – Escape from Tarkov

All the hidden stashes / caches for Interchange

00:00 Intro
00:20 Stash 1
00:36 Stash 2
00:47 Stash 3
00:59 Stash 4
01:14 Stash 5
01:25 Stash 6
01:42 Stash 7
01:57 Stash 8
02:11 Stash 9
02:30 Stash 10
02:48 Stash 11
03:10 Stash 12 & 13
03:32 Stash 14
03:49 Stash 15
04:04 Stash 16
04:20 Stash 17
04:37 Stash 18
04:46 Outro
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43 thoughts on “Interchange Hidden Stash / Cache Guide – Escape from Tarkov”

  1. There is also two suitcases at either end of scav camp, one of which is right near the cache below the tower. Suitcases can contain high value items so they are worth a check while you're near them.

  2. What could be the reason for the most famous streamer of EFT to exclude wiki maps in their YouTube videos about stash runs?
    EDIT: We figured it is about having a map with less markers on them to have a clear image.
    EDIT: Well done editor*s, i mean, Pest, eh Paul, wait…

  3. Whooo! Another Cache vid! Just wanted to let you know man, you're super awesome and I let my group know your channel is lit so I hope they spread the good word too lol! Anyways thanks for doing these!

  4. I hate you so much Pestily. Before this video my stash runs in interchange were nice and easy. Now I am facing PMCs 2/3 of my runs doing these. Youtube algorith making it even worse.

  5. nice vid, although i would say it would of been a lot better if you had just shown a sped up run between stashes, that second one you said just follow the wall down a little further ina bush, took 5 mins till i figured out you were starting further up from the rubble and walking down again


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