Invocatus – FNF: EXE Mayhem OST (ft. @NeoBeat & @churgneygurgney9895 )


“take your time
lose your mind and
let your soul unwind into
the hole where your heart used to be
’cause you won’t need it where we’ll be

this is my second commission for EXE Mayheme for the upcoming update and man this one took me a while cause i got stuck in a pretty bad rut while making it,, but im Chilling now. tshanks you to Neo Beat and Churgney for helping me with the drums and vocals respectively

play the current demo if you want:


music by me
visualizer by Comic
vocal/melody help by @churgneygurgney9895
drum samples/patterns by @NeoBeat
character/image provided by


20 thoughts on “Invocatus – FNF: EXE Mayhem OST (ft. @NeoBeat & @churgneygurgney9895 )”

  1. Man , in all history of fnf , your trio had such an unique sounding songs i've heard in a while. This , shrouded , funhouse , your copy , and much more.. I love the ominous feeling of this and the lyrics are just hard hitting. Awesome job.

  2. Jesus dude, you guys make such unique songs that are completely different than a regular “Type beat” song but don’t get me wrong, I love type beat but this hits harder like a type beat lol.


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