Is C0 Childe Actually Good? (Honest Truth) | Genshin Impact


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21 thoughts on “Is C0 Childe Actually Good? (Honest Truth) | Genshin Impact”

  1. On C, his cool down only gets reduced by 10 sec when you automatically switch back to range from meele. It's proof that you don't need his c1, since the cooldown reduce scales on percentage.

  2. my c0 childe teams got be a better time on floor 12 than both ganyu c1 with Amos and Hu tao with homa. just swaped homa to xianling. Childe might not be the strongest but he enables your supports to deal insane dmg in bursts. Got a 23 sec clear on 12-3 because of him . He is great

  3. I'd like him but man I want zhongli or klee or eula. If he played like c6 at c0 yeah I'd easily get him, I don't even mean the damage just the CD on his E being reset.

  4. I have 58 pulls saved up fro him but no pity since I got hu tao and kinda regretting it since I was saving up for childe but his banner was announced after I pulled her 🙁 Hu tao is really great tho

  5. C0 and C6 is just like playing a different characters. if you have a well composed team, and know how to rotate skills, C0’s skill cooldown shouldn’t be a problem.

    The team that i used to melt spiral abyss floor 12 is fischl(C6/if you don’t have C6, beidou might be better), Xiangling(C3), Bennet(C6), and Childe(C0). I’m not a spender btw, so i have mid weapons and artifacts. So the idea of using C0 Childe is to amplify the damage of your other burst support DPS, in this case Xiangling and Fischl. Childe attacks and apply hydro really fast, he can make every pyronado hit vaporize, and can abuse Fischl C6 ability. Bennet is there to charge Xiangling and being bennet you can set-up the usual burst combo with Childe(Bennet’s Q followed up with Childe’s Q). And since my Bennet’s C6, whenever Childe’s on the cooldown, my Pyro Xiangling can just normal attack the enemies for no downtime.

  6. The only thing I dont like about not c6 childe is that it you have to be so precise with ur timing cuz If u time it incorrectly u will be locked out of melee mode and those few seconds ur locked out . U feel so shitty.


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