Is Off Meta Considered Trolling? | League of Legends

Today is a very special video! We’re gonna be talking about Off Meta Picks. Every now and then you run into that player who does something conventionally weird: Aphelios Top, Wukong Support, Qiyana ADC, Kha’Zix Mid, etc. Sometimes they find success, but most of the time they feed. So are they considered trolling or creative picks?


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30 thoughts on “Is Off Meta Considered Trolling? | League of Legends”

  1. The thing with off meta is. Its either not good enough or its too good and it becomes meta. Looking at you Nautilus that was designed to be a jungler.

  2. off-meta vs trolling is different. example cass bot works very well and is off meta however mord or any other tank/bruiser bot doesnt and is considered troll. trolling is picking teemo or yummi jg. So yeah thats off-meta isnt troll however troll picking where a champ loses all ability to play the game (such as singed anywhere but top) is troll and should be bannable

  3. "should it be a punishable offense".
    anyone who believes this is actually completely delusional.
    Anything that is not directly breaking the rules set by riot can't or at least shouldn't be a punishable offense. There's no rule against taking zed top set by riot themselves, so expecting riot to punish a player for it is actually entitled as hell. The player base may have collective agreed that X player goes to Y lane but that's a player constructed ruleset not a rule set by the company. Expecting riot to punish people for breaking player created "rules" is absolutely ridiculous to me. League players are some of the most entitled and narrow minded players I've ever met. You're not entitled to decide what people play where. Wanting riot to punish a player for doing something off-meta is no different from being a karen and asking for the manager when your entitled ass don't get what you want.

  4. I can't say I am upset when I see off meta stuff in my games, because I have been playing and maining Veigar bot since early season 10, no matter how angry people got or threatening to 9x me. Muteall is an off meta players best friend ^^

  5. For me, playing the same champs in the same roles all the time gets boring so I love doing off meta stuff. Evelynn and Morgana mid, and Nidalee support are my faves (especially Morg mid, it's very op actually)

  6. As a newer player who doesn't know much about the game I absolutely hate how people want to dictate how others should play so I love off meta picks. Yes, picking the same as everyone else is easier, but it isn't fun. We're in a game with so many possibilities, so many champions, items and runes, but most players expect you to use the same same runes, the same items, in the same order to play the same 2-3 champions that are meta. It just sucks. The possibilities are the reason why I fell in love with the game. Ezreal mid might not be the most effective option, but I used to find it really fun before other players pretty much forced me to stop doing it. Playing with your own team trash talking you in the early game sucks even if you prove them wrong later on
    (I'm talking about normal game btw, not ranked)


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