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Is the quickdraw going to be a meta changer?
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26 thoughts on “IS THIS WINGMAN HOP UP WORTH USING? (Apex Legends)”

  1. Like how they say “Season 7 audio has had improvements” and it’s literally the worst it’s ever been I can’t even hear someone taking my horizon lift if I’m being chased. You can’t hear paths grappling on your hear a full team of 3 came up behind me and smoked us. It needs to be fixed cause if that’s what they think respawn needs to go home and take a nap and come back and try again please. The audio is horrible

  2. i honestly prefer the skullpiercer because i would rather land headshots and get higher damage for it than having quick reloads or something (im not aware of what the quickdraw does lmao sorry)

  3. Man I was thinking about starting youtube videos but shit chicken our videos would be the exact same. We have the same exact opinions and gameplay style lol. The quickdraw is fire compared to the skull piercer. 90 HSD is high enough so I'll take better weapon handling/ swapping and just hit more of them quicker. It made me love the Wingman RE45 now and I hope it stays.


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